Face Treatments

Time Price
LED Facial 1 hr €55
Add on LED to Facial 30 min €20
Facial Zoom 1 hr €20
1/2 Hour Back Massage
1/2 Hour Facial
1 hr €60
Pro Power Peel 60 1 hr 15 min €95
Pro Power Peel 30 45 min €65
Teenage Facial 45 min €30
Pro Skin Skin 30 Treatment 45 min €45
Pro Skin Skin 60 Treatment 1 hr 30 min €75
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Time Price
1/2 hr Diagnostic Massage 30 min €40
1 hr Diagnostic Massage 1 hr €70
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Eye Treatment

Henna Brows €40
Brow Lamination €50
LashUS Lash Lift treatment €50
Eyelash Tint €15
Eyebrow Tint €12
Eyebrow Trim / Reshape €15
Lash Tint, Brow Tint & Reshape €35
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Nasal Wax €10
Lip Wax €10
Chin Wax €10
Underarm €15
Back Wax €30
Bikini Wax €15
Extended Bikini Wax €25
Brazilian €40
The Hollywood €45
Full Leg €35
1/2 Leg €20
1/2 Leg and Back of Thighs €18
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Ancient Japanese technique for healing and stress relief.

60 minutes Reiki €65
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Please avoid alcohol 24 hours before. Get to bed early. Wear something warm and comfy. Come to your healing with an open heart. Think about what your intention might be before your healing. My clients always ask how many sessions they need and I always suggest 4 sessions to start off and keep them a week to two weeks apart. After your four sessions are finished, we can discuss if you think you need more but I usually suggest “energy top up sessions” once a month or bi monthly. The sessions normally run for one hour and you remain fully clothed for the duration.
Reiki is an ancient healing energy that increases health and vitality. Know that from the moment we have made contact about Reiki, the energy is called in.

Everyone’s energy becomes stuck over time. This can happen due to your lifestyle, the people you surround yourself with, your job, a loss, etc. People sometimes book in with me and they don’t always know why they are booking in. I always say when it’s the right time for a healing you will feel this pull to the right healer for you. Every healer offers different gifts. No two healers are the same. We all come from a place of love and there should be no ego.

So when you have an Intuitive Healing new ideas come out of nowhere for at least a week afterwards….I call them “light bulb downloads” or “golden nuggets” of information. Random miracles start to unfold for my clients they can’t always be explained.

Everything starts to feel clearer in your mind including decisions you might need to make. Any stuck energy starts to flow again. Your “chi” is balanced and negative energy dissolves.

When your energy is in a good place you can really connect in with your inner wisdom. All the answers you seek are within. I just help you to silence your mind so you start to access your true essence.

A lot of my clients say they feel calmer, lighter and more uplifted after an Intuitive healing.

60 minutes of an Intuitive Healing is the equivalent to 4 hours deep sleep.

I absolutely love helping people to find their inner light again.

If you have any covid symptoms or awaiting test results please let me know and we can reschedule.

Finally, I kindly ask for 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment.

€65 for 60 mins

Have a lovely day full of miracles.

May love & light illuminate your path,


Berni 🤍🤍🤍

Enjoy the journey! Warm hugs & love going your way.

You’ve just experienced a Reiki healing session. It’s wonderful that you’ve chosen to prioritize your wellbeing. I’m so happy for you. In truth, the session is just the beginning of the healing process. The session begins a very deep healing journey that sometimes takes days, weeks, months, or even years to fully integrate. With that in mind, here are some self-care tips you can implement after your session has concluded. By following these tips, you will get more benefit from your session with me.

Simply put, a Reiki session is an energetic upgrade. Now that you’ve had a Reiki session, your body will require more water. For the next few days, pay attention to how much water you’re drinking, and aim to double the amount of water you normally drink. After your Reiki session, it’s important to slow right down. It’s important not to push yourself too hard after the session, because your body will probably want to rest. (This is true in 90% of the cases I’ve seen… although, I have seen clients who leave a session totally fired up, bursting with energy and only need two hours of sleep that night.

The first few days after a Reiki session are crucial, as your immune system is being strengthened and your body is finding balance. So, be kind to yourself. Be slow. Be gentle. Get lots of rest.

A Reiki session can often trigger deep emotional healing. Many of my clients have reported feeling unusually happy, giddy, spacey, anxious, fearful, angry, furious, sad, or depressed after a session. No matter whether the emotions are seemingly “positive” or “negative”, it’s important that you simply “allow them to be exactly as they are, without judgment”. When you freely allow yourself to feel (without repressing the emotions and without judging any emotions as good or bad), then you allow healing at a very deep level. After your Reiki session, if you feel like you want to cry… then that is the very best thing that you can do! Please cry.

Sometimes the results from a Reiki session are not immediately apparent. It may take a few days or weeks before you can really perceive all that has cleared. Healing happens on its own schedule. The only steps we can take are to follow these aftercare tips, and be patient. When you receive an energy healing, your body shifts to a higher frequency. When this happens, a detoxification process is often triggered. This detox process is sometimes also known as a “healing crisis.” Basically, what this means is that your body is now shedding old toxins that are not resonant with the new higher frequency. If a detox process happens to you, please, have no fear! This is actually a very positive sign to your overall healing journey. When you are detoxing, you may experience a runny nose, sneezing, soreness, headaches, joint or muscular pain, fatigue, rashes, extra mucus, or even fever and diarrhea. This is simply your body cleansing itself of the old toxins. All the old patterns and energy are simply coming to the surface to be released.

My clients repeatedly report that they feel “different” after a Reiki session.

When you receive a healing, your intuition is heightened and your normal stress-response is calmed. Avoid difficult conversations with people while you are having Reiki done as other people can zap our new energy. The important thing is to listen to yourself and give yourself permission to find out what feels good for you & what lifestyle changes you might be need to make to live your best life.

Enjoy the journey! Warm hugs & love going your way.